My working relationship with AgriHealth goes back to 2008, where my first brief was to design their logo. Since then, AgriHealth has grown steadily as a company, specialising in Evidence Based Veterinary medicines. I have supported them alongside that growth by meeting their marketing needs in a broad context, from developing technical bulletins and brochures, through to trade stand material, farmer facing teaching aids, educational material, an office interior design fitout, magazine advertising and many marketing materials for their field representatives.

Testimonial - Ed Catherwood

Jill has worked alongside me and the team ever since the inception of AgriHealth over 12 years ago. Jill has undoubtedly helped grow AgriHealth from a start up to become NZ's largest locally owned animal health company. Godwin Design continually provides fantastic value as our graphic design partner. Few graphic designers have her breadth of skills and experience, and fewer still could consistently deliver such professional work with such aplomb with pressure. You won't find better.

Ed Catherwood, Managing Director, AgriHealth NZ

Brochures follow a distinctive house style of chunky boxed headings, information graphics, clearly spaced text, and large bleed-off images. The ‘Ready To Mate’ and ‘KetoMax’ brochures featured are two of many produced, promoting new products and helping educate veterinarians and farmers.

Testimonial - Lyndsay Lawrence

Jill is not only a fantastic designer, she becomes a trusted collaborator on projects.  She can take complicated concepts and ideas and communicate them with clarity and simplicity.  She isn't too precious to rethink ideas when necessary and consistently delivers to deadlines.

Lyndsay Lawrence, Marketing Manager AgriHealth  2011 – 2021

AgriHealth has been a model client and has challenged me as a designer to think laterally, and develop information graphics around technical concepts.

Packaging of products carries the AgriHealth brand with simple graphics and regulatory labels.

Testimonial - Ravi Paricherla

I’ve worked with Jill on multiple projects. She is super responsive, professional and just fun to work with. I’m always amazed at how she manages to take our rough vision and make something beautiful. It feels like Jill is an extension of our team.

Ravi Paricherla, Marketing Manager, AgriHealth

The AgriHealth office has lots of glass dividing panels to designate areas without visually separating staff from one another. I sought to retain this transparency by experimenting with different shades of transparent green film applied with cut out shapes and patterns.

The key was to keep it interesting enough without being too busy, with cut out areas providing ‘peep holes’ without compromising privacy. The overall intention of creating a calm fresh ambiance was achieved, along with some impressive full-scale floor to ceiling full murals using their best hero images. Devised icons were used as cut out shapes from translucent shades of green film, reinforcing the three company’s pillars: Evidence Based, Kiwi Ingenuity and Trusted Partner.