Tender for a Major Project


Tenders have a unique positioning in the world of graphics. They contain professionally sensitive material, and there are only a few ever produced of one kind. They require to be destroyed after the tender process is completed, and there are high stakes in the highly competitive environment in which they need to perform.  Yet, despite this, traditionally the design has often been overlooked as not as important as the content, often resulting in a dry text heavy document, difficult to digest. 

As winning major projects have become increasingly competitive, the opportunity to design an
A-grade tender was a challenge I enthusiastically embraced. I have found a way to feature the design on this site without compromising confidentiality. 

The major project was for a concrete plant, so my first task was to take photos of concrete textures wherever I could find them.  This particular corrugated concrete was taken of a wall on an underpass on SH16.

Collaboration, certainty and creativity are the three pillars of the company. I devised this graphic based loosely on concrete mixer blades and used this device in various ways through out the 356 page document.

The colour palette included bright reds and various tonal greys. There were multi-concertina fold out pages (not shown here) that required very careful printing and finishing instructions for which I oversaw in person.

Left hand spreads on a tab page featured large bleed off images, and below the front cover - printed on heavy card, further developed the idea of concrete blades.