Touring Exhibition Catalogue 2021-2023

CLIENT: Kelliher Charitable Trust

Thirty two landscape paintings will be touring the South Island from 2021 – 2023. They are from the collection of the Kelliher Art Trust and represent the best of New Zealand landscape paintings since the mid 20th century.

Working with curator Christopher Johnstone, we developed a 24 page broadsheet catalogue, wall labels, an introductory panel and an A1 poster.

Testimonial - Christopher Johnstone

I am using the same graphic designer today – in the presentation of a philanthropic trust art collection - that I first engaged in 1994, for an exhibition in a public service environment – the Auckland Art Gallery, with several of my own art and exhibition business ventures in between. It never occurred to me to go to anyone other than Jill.

Christopher Johnstone, Johnstone Associates

The broadsheet format was printed on a web cold-press machine, the same method used for printing newspapers. Images needed to be prepared differently, with less ink overall to compensate for a more porous substrate. The end result was very successful, allowing the images to be large, whilst being economical to produce.

Sir Henry Kelliher once said New Zealand ‘should become a mecca for top-ranking artists throughout the world.' Today, hardly a month goes by without an international film producer or director talking about the ‘star quality’ of New Zealand.