Coaching and Mentoring Workbooks

CLIENT: Spirited Leadership

Coaching and Mentoring sessions, with experts Anouk Graav and Nicola Campbell take their clients on an intensive course of challenging, transformative work.

These course notes immediately make their clients feel valued, with highly evolved content developed over 30 years, beautifully set out, with space to breathe, think, write, and with diagrams and graphics making concepts easier to grasp. The above set of manuals were produced in 2018.

Testimonial - Anouk Graav

We have worked with Jill for many years and have totally loved working with her. She has consistently delivered what we were needing and still is. 

She is fabulous to work with because she listens to what we want and is very interested and enthusiastic about our business, she shares her expertise freely and makes great creative as well as practical suggestions. 

Jill has up to date knowledge of graphic design, a wonderful creative flair and sense of style and is such a delight to collaborate with.  

We highly recommend Jill to anyone who is looking for a great graphic designer who can help to develop their brand and all aspects of graphic material and images. 

Anouk Graav, Director, Spirited Leadership

Concepts throughout these manuals were illustrated using geometric designs, to make them easier to interpret with lots of breathing space and interest for the eye.

These manuals were printed with an Indigo press, a digital printing process that combines the best of both worlds - allowing for economical short runs - and using real ink, as opposed to plastic based toners. Real ink has a finer pigment quality, producing a sharper image, and fusing more smoothly onto the paper.