Down to Earth Trade Vehicle

The client came up with the great idea of using a wall socket and I immediately seized upon it with the near perfect proportions to work within. I meticulously drew the socket from scratch with every shadow and indentation carefully replicated. It has been very successful, I think because it is simple and an everyday object we can all easily relate to.  This vehicle has become well loved around town as the ‘Plug Ute'.

Testimonial - Clinton Gore

I worked with Jill on creating the branding for my company. We sat down together to come up with ideas, and she was able to take those ideas and design a logo and brand design that captured the ethos of the company in a striking way. We often get comments on the great branding and it sets us apart from other electrical companies. We continue to use Jill’s expert services to support our business and after 10 years we will look to engage Jill again to evolve our brand as we grow.

Clinton Gore, Owner, Down to Earth Electrical

Lifewise Van

Supplied with the ‘lifewise’ step and repeat patterning, I used the center point of the rear wheel as the reference point for rotating the pattern around around middle and back area of the van.  The text and red solid colour then followed the same geometry.